About Us

       The International Research Associate for Happy Societies (IRAH) is an independent and not-for-profit organization, developed from the previous name as Happy Society Associate - a group of dedicated professionals voluntarily working to promote happiness and well-being since PPDO's International Conference on Happiness and Public Policy in 2007. IRAH began operations in 2010. Its objectives are:

  • To network with organizations and individuals working to promote societal happiness and well-being.
  • To conduct researches, conferences & workshops/ seminars, and activities contributing to the improvement in people’s quality of life, happiness and well-being.
  • To contribute to a better understanding of social well-being and public debates through research and activities.
  • To disseminate knowledge on quality of life, happiness and well-being issues to public and stimulate knowledge sharing.
  • To promote the exchange programs among network institutions (and scholars) for capacity building.
  • To contribute to public policies and policy implementation through publication and public forums as well as organizational linkages on projects.